Il circo Darix Togni è uno dei più famosi e antichi spettacoli viaggianti d' Europa

Circus Darix Togni

Circo Darix Togni - Torino

The Circus

The Italian Circus for excellence

The spectacular Darix Togni circus tent is 44 m diameter, with over 2000 seats divided into three tiers: first, second and third class. The shows are held in the center of the scene, in the circular ring that is the focal point of the whole structure. Here, artists and animals perform in quick succession showing their skills to the audience who watches the show nearby. Because of this proximity and suggestive internal scenery, the audience is deeply involved while attending a circus show with acts of high quality like those of Darix Togni. There are few existing live performances that can make the Viewer so deeply involved and immersed in the atmosphere of the show.

The Mega Antennas and Mega Poster

The antennas are aluminum truss 2 high 26mt, including 2 bright stars to the quotes. Megaposters, also consisting of aluminium truss, have a width of 10 × 7 metres and holding a poster of 9 × 6 meters. Both structures are illuminated by color changing led flashes intermittently.

The Zoo

Tigri, coccodrilli, serpenti, lama, canguro, giraffa, pony, bisonti, elefanti, zebre e struzzi.


Circo Darix Togni - Via San Lodovico, 31 - 42010 Rio Saliceto (RE) P.I. 02561310356

Nicola Armellini