Il circo Darix Togni è uno dei più famosi e antichi spettacoli viaggianti d' Europa

Circus Darix Togni



The 5 generations, their long journey

1872 is the beginning of everything: Togni Aristide founds the "Togni Circus" and embarks with his wife and children in the trip that will last his entire life, and beyond.
Proclaimed National Circus from the King of Italy, through the 2 wars and the vicissitudes of the post-war period, with Riccardo, Hercules, Ugo and Ferdinand at the head of the caravans, Togni circus is in effect already recognized as a symbol of Italian show when, in the late 40, comes on the scene the charismatic Darix, which thanks to his artistic and managerial capacity brings the show to an even higher level.
Monkey Togni, popular, is hired for movies and television shows, and is the protagonist of one of the most extraordinary undertakings of the century, the crossing of the Alps in the footsteps of Hannibal, which retraces followed by a caravan consisting of llamas, camels and elephants. "The Lion man" makes school with his acts as Tamer, leading to success the formula of the circus show, and that's how the Togni Circus becomes the Darix Togni Circus.
After Darix death in 1976, his sons Livio, Corrado and Davio arrivevery young at the lead of the show, and, accompanied by their mother, Fiorenza, they form a talented and inventive team, which grinds as many miles as successes: Livio, Tamer and Director, succeeds in bringing the tour in over 20 different countries; Corrado, clown and performer of brilliant comicity, trapeze artist, elephant Tamer, shakes the imagination of the international press, which applauds his extraordinary and surreal mimic; Davio, horse rider, trapeze artist, clown and Tamer, skilled trainer of any kind of animal, with his performance involves the public in close-up view of giraffes, rhinos, hippos, leopards, horses, dogs, which excite the audience simply marching, eating, being ridden.
In 1990, Livio, Corrado and Davio, found the Circus "Florilegio of Darix Togni," which began as a nostalgic recovery operation of the classic Italian style of circus, a cool self-mockery with a strong impression of theatricality, which looks with great respect to comical and farcical tradition and where even the setting plays a key role: as corollary of the show, the marquee, the caravans,the in-style furniture , bring those attending the show in a dimension which is literally suspended in time; the magical atmosphere and dreamlike component underlying the spectacle of the "Florilegio" marvel half Europe's audience: the newspapers write that "The Florilegio circus has the keys to the door of dreams".
In more recent years the Florilegio has been committed in taking this product of Italian culture, unique of its kind, to important countries in Africa and Asia.
Livy, become a Senator of the Republic in the XIV legislature from 2001 to 2006, passes on the teachings and traditions to thhis elder sons Max and Steve who, with their particular contribution show great attention to the needs of this new audience.
Sponsored by Italian cultural institutions, there have been many highly successful tour in countries such as Turkey, Algeria, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Ghana, Ivory Coast ... Meanwhile the caravans of the artists of the Darx Togni circus haven't stopped: perhaps the new tour is going right now through the streets of your city ...


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